Trex Decking in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re tired of having to strip, paint, or stain your deck, it’s time to consider Trex decking in Columbus, Ohio. Trex is a type of composite decking that is low-maintenance, rot-resistant, and splinter-free, unlike natural wood.

Homeowners choose Trex because it lasts longer than wood and requires less maintenance. It’s also made with recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust, making it an eco-friendly alternative to virgin wood products.

The Strait & Lamp Group has everything you need to build your next Trex deck. Whether you need help creating your vision with Trex or are simply looking for Trex products, we are here to help you make the best choice for your home.

The Benefits of Trex Products

Considering replacing your existing deck or building a new one with Trex? There are many benefits to choosing composite decking over traditional wood products. With Trex, you have:

  • A low-maintenance way to love your deck. Never paint or stain your deck again. Trex’s product lines come with 25, 35, and 50-year warranties, so regardless of which collection you choose, you can get your weekends back.
  • Pre-painted or stained boards. With Trex’s finished products, you won’t need to go through the process of choosing a paint or stain color and finish. Simply select the Trex colors that most align with your taste and home, all with refined wood grains that give your deck the appearance of wood without the maintenance.
  • A cooler deck. Although all decking materials can get hot, certain Trex product lines, including Trex Transcend® Lineage™, come with heat-mitigating technology to help your deck stay cooler for more comfortable barefoot walking.
  • The option for curved railings. Trex offers homeowners the option of custom-curved railings to complete their deck, allowing them to have the unique flair and style of curved railings with composite wood.
  • A 50-year fade and stain warranty. Depending on the Trex products you choose, your composite decking can come with a 50-year warranty, so you can enjoy your deck for many years.

What Types of Products Does Trex Make?

Trex offers a range of high-performance composite wood products to help you match your decking with your home’s exterior elements. You aren’t limited to Trex decking in Columbus, Ohio: with Trex, you can also make:

  • Cladding
  • Deck Furniture
  • Deck Lighting
  • Fascia
  • Fencing
  • Lattices
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pergolas
  • Stairs
  • Under Deck Drainage Systems

By choosing corresponding Trex products, you can create a cohesive appearance for your home and enjoy the durability, beauty, and low maintenance of composite wood.

Trex has three different product lines: Enhance (Good), Select (Better), and Transcend (Best). Each has varying levels of durability, scratch resistance, and color options. The Strait & Lamp Group can help you choose the right Trex products based on your project, style, and budget.

Installing Trex Products

Like traditional wood, Trex decking in Columbus, Ohio, can be installed as a DIY project or with a professional contractor. So, whether you want to tackle your next decking project on your own or build with us, The Strait & Lamp Group is here to help.

We have everything you need to get started with your next Trex project, from composite boards and railings to stairs, drainage systems, and fasteners. Our team is always available to answer your questions, help you choose the right products, and decide whether Trex is the right choice for your home.

FAQs About Trex

Due to their exposure to the elements, decks are subject to significant wear and tear over time. Natural wood requires consistent maintenance to keep it from rotting, splitting, and deteriorating over time, which often includes stripping and painting or staining the wood every few years.

With Trex, your deck requires no maintenance other than regular cleaning. Trex products are resistant to scratches, rot, warping, staining, splitting, and termites. And when you consider that Trex products come with a minimum 25-year warranty, it makes sense that homeowners would choose composite over traditional wood.

Trex products are made with 95% recycled materials. Each year, Trex prevents over a billion pounds of plastic and wood from ending up in landfills because they are used in their products. Trex is one of the largest plastic bag recyclers in the United States, and these are bags that would otherwise end up in landfills and waterways, affecting human, animal, and environmental health.

You technically can, but we don’t recommend it. Trex products never need to be painted or stained, and doing so may void your Trex warranty

All Trex products are either code-compliant or currently being evaluated for code compliance. We always recommend checking your local building code to ensure your new Trex deck will be up to code.

Trex decking is safe to use around pools, as the chemicals from the water will not damage or discolor the boards. However, although certain Trex product lines contain some fire resistance, you should not put a wood or gas fire pit on top of the boards. You may build a fire pit between or beside deck boards if there is a protective layer of stone or another material between them.

Simply clean your Trex products with soap and water. Power washing is not recommended on early-generation Trex products, but certain Trex product lines can be power washed with up to 3100 psi and a fan tip, as long as the tip is kept at least eight inches away from the decking.

Rock salt is fine to use on Trex to melt ice, but always use a plastic shovel (not metal) on your Trex deck. Most general disinfectants and commercial cleaners are safe to use on Trex products, but always double-check or do a spot test before cleaning.

Learn More About Trex Decking in Columbus, Ohio

Interested in installing Trex decking at your home? The Strait & Lamp Group can help you find the right products, tools, and techniques for installing Trex or assist you with building your deck. Contact us or visit us at one of our multiple locations in Ohio today!