Get a Diamond Pier Foundation in Ohio

The Strait & Lamp Group offers Diamond Pier footings and tools to homeowners and builders who want to create a strong foundation in just minutes. Diamond Pier is a unique system that uses galvanized steel pins and concrete heads that allow the soil to function as a foundation.

Based on pin pile technology, Diamond Pier keeps soil intact while creating a foundation that rivals the strength of concrete and is guaranteed to last the life of your structure.

These innovative footings can even be installed in soils that are traditionally challenging to build on, such as those with sand or silt. No excavation or heavy machinery is needed, and the system is independently tested to ensure strength and code compliance.

Benefits of Diamond Pier Footings

Get a foundation in minutes. Diamond Pier allows builders to set a pier in minutes–no waiting for concrete to cure. You can start framing your structure immediately after installation.

Guaranteed to last. If you register your Diamond Pier warranty within 30 days of the installation, your foundation is guaranteed for the life of the original structure.

Keep soil intact. Traditional footings require digging and excavation, which weakens soil and compromises water flow. Diamond Pier allows for minimal soil disruption to keep your soil–and its strength–intact.

No maintenance. No maintenance is required once your footings are installed, meaning you can enjoy your structure without having to worry about the foundation over the years.

Protect your yard. Diamond Pier does not require excavation or heavy machinery, meaning you can create a sound foundation while protecting your yard and landscaping.

Reduced labor costs. Although Diamond Pier costs more than traditional concrete footings, you’ll pay less for labor and installation while setting up your structure faster.

Works in challenging soils. Soil containing sand, silt, clay, or gravel isn’t a problem for Diamond Pier footings as long as it has at least 1,500 pounds per square foot (psf) bearing strength.

What Foundations Does Diamond Pier Work for?

Diamond Pier works for both residential and commercial structures, especially low-impact construction at homes for decks, gazebos, and walkways. However, this foundation system is also an excellent choice for building in nature preserves or parks.

Although the Diamond Pier foundation system works well in many soils, not every soil will work. For example, the system will not work with:

  • Contaminated soils
  • Highly expansive soils
  • Shifting or sliding soils
  • Soils on slopes greater than 27 degrees
  • Soils weaker than 1,500 psf (2,000 psf for sand or gravel)

Diamond Pier can work in areas with harsh weather conditions. However, if traditional concrete footings up to 60 inches deep have not resisted frost heave, Diamond Pier may not be the right choice. We can help you determine if your soil would work with Diamond Pier at your chosen location.

Diamond Pier Installation Requirements

Installing Diamond Pier is a simple process that requires a few tools. You will need:

  • 1-1/8” hex shaft driving bit
  • 35-pound breaker hammer
  • Pipe wrench
  • Sledgehammer
  • Square shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Torpedo level

Before installing the footings, it’s essential to be aware of any underground obstacles and locate buried utilities. You’ll need to identify and mark your pier locations, set the concrete head, and drive the pins. When you’re done, place the caps on the pins. Don’t forget to register the warranty within 30 days of the installation.

FAQs About Diamond Pier

Diamond Pier is much easier and faster to install. It requires no digging, heavy equipment, concrete mixing, or augers. You can start framing your structure in minutes and avoid expensive labor costs and soil disruption that come with traditional footings.

Diamond Pier models are nationally code-compliant and have all been independently tested for safety. However, we recommend checking with your local building department to ensure the system will be compliant in your area and for your specific project.

Yes, a Diamond Pier foundation can be used to add to existing structures or retrofit buildings.

Diamond Pier offers different models for various load-bearing capacities. Each pier in the DP-50/50” model has a 4,400-pound bearing capacity, while the DP-75/50” piers can hold up to 5,600 pounds, and the DP-75/63” piers can hold up to 6,400 pounds. These bearing capacities depend on your soil, as silt or clay soil can bear less weight than sand or gravel.

Each footing must be spaced at least three feet apart from the anchor bolt in the center of each pier. You can space them less than three feet apart, but you must reduce the bearing capacity by 13% for each closer-spaced pier. It’s also important to set the piers back at the minimum horizontal distance from existing foundations or buried obstacles. Each pier has a designated allowed load and cannot exceed this. Diamond Pier offers several different models to ensure your foundation system can support the required loads.

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