Decking Materials

The Strait & Lamp Group provides high-quality decking materials in a variety of colors, textures and finishes that offer low-maintenance outdoor living, affordability without compromising quality, durability, safety and innovation, and a high return on investment.

When it comes to decking, you want materials you can trust to last. From the changes in weather to furniture movements and food spills, it’s no secret that decks are subject to a lot of wear and tear. The Strait & Lamp Group provides decking materials that are resistant to mold, mildew and moisture damage as well as stains, scratches and fading.

The types of decking products available have expanded over the years — from pressure-treated wood to cedar or composite decking — and it can be confusing to determine what materials are the best. Whether you’re building a deck or completing a deck restoration, The Strait & Lamp Group can help you determine the right decking materials to fit your need.

The Diamond Pier System

The Diamond Pier system offers both contractors and DIY homeowners a simple and fast way to install stable, solid footings for any deck or other backyard project without the mess, extra work, and back-breaking digging. Traditionally, installing a deck foundation or footing required excavating a hole below the frost line, pouring the footing, and then waiting for the concrete to set. With Diamond Piers, simply set the pier in place and drive the steel-bearing pins through it deep into the ground with simple hand tools. The pin pile foundation quickly delivers a secure deck footing below the frost line, all without disturbing existing landscaping. Attach a standard post bracket and you’re ready to begin your building project immediately! The Diamond Piers are offered in several sizes and capacities, for many different applications.  Contact our Linworth Lumber location, the only stocking dealer in Ohio!