TimberTech Offers the Best Wood Looks Without the Wood Rot

TimberTech Decking Key Featuresand Benefits

By using Advanced PVC or Composite decking materials from TimberTech, your build will outlast the test of time and weather, no matter the climate. All TimberTech materials are derived from recycled waste and transformed into durable and low-maintenance decking solutions that are resistant to decay, fading, scratches, stains, and rot. While organic wood decking does not come with warranties, TimberTech’s Advanced PVC and Composite decking products are backed by warranties of up to 50 years for stain and fading.

Eco-Friendly Decking Solution That Outperforms Traditional Wood

Landfill waste and scraps like grocery bags, plastic jugs, and vinyl siding are collected by hundreds of millions of pounds each year to create TimberTech’s reliable alternative decking materials. Both of TimberTech’s products – Advanced PVC made from polymer and Composite decking made from a blend of plastic and wood fibers – integrate 60-85% of recycled content. And with TimberTech’s outstanding warranty offerings and fire-resistant Class A flame spreading rating, your deck can be built to last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Little to No Maintenance Required for TimberTech Decking

A deck with a long life saves home and business owners money over time. Eliminating investments in future sanding, staining, and replacing damaged wood boards on decking is a major benefit of using alternative decking.

TimberTech decking is suitable for all weather and climate conditions as it is resistant to warping, rotting, or cosmetic damage. Advanced PVC decking, in particular, can withstand the wear and tear outdoor spaces experience around water, such as docks, pool decks, and boathouses.

TimberTech Decking Design Options for Every Style

Because decks are extended living spaces, their design should pair nicely with a home or business’s aesthetic. Over 20 colors are available for TimberTech decking products with varying styles to choose from. Advanced PVC products come in 13 colors and three styles, while Composite decking material offers 20 colors and five styles.

Decking Accessories Available, Made by TimberTech

Complete the outdoor space with accessories made with the same hardy materials as TimberTech’s traditional decking products. TimberTech’s low-maintenance, high-performance outdoor accessory offerings include:

  • Full suites of furniture
  • Railings made of PVC, composite, or metal
  • Outdoor lighting for railings, stairs, and more
  • DrySpace under-deck water management system
  • Fasteners and steel deck screws compatible with TimberTech grooved decking

Start Building With TimberTech: Distributors & Installation Support

Once you’re ready to start building with TimberTech, be sure to visit the comprehensive installation guide portfolio for all your installation support needs.

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