Interior Trim & Millwork

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The Strait & Lamp Group is proud of our Dublin Millwork manufacturing facility, which allows us to offer custom doors, baseboards, door casings, crown mouldings, stops and shoes and other custom woodwork to our customers. Dublin Millwork uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce a large variety of trim and mouldings—historical reproductions, custom and standard—in many different shapes and profiles. We offer custom millwork to produce exactly what you’re looking for.

Trim & Moulding

The following hardwood moulding profiles are organized according to product type. You may select an individual moulding type by clicking on a product below. Stock and custom profiles are noted.


Crown moulding is traditionally installed in the seam where the ceiling and wall meet, both in interior and exterior applications. Used decoratively to cap walls or cabinets, or as door or window hoods, crown moulding is:

  • a distinctive architectural feature that adds measurable style and elegance to a space
  • a transitional moulding handy for hiding gaps and uneven edges


Casing is the wood trim or moulding applied to both interior and exterior openings. Casings do the following: 

  • applies to openings such as doors, windows and archways
  • covers the gap between a wall and the frame 

Door casings and window casings are the most visible interior and exterior trim or moulding, and help define the character of the room or structure.


Baseboard moulding runs the perimeter of a room where the floor and walls meet.

Its purpose is to: 

  • form a visual foundation for the room, often using a variety of decorative baseboard trim styles
  • fill in the gaps and uneven edges where the floor and wall meet
  • help protect the walls from kicks and bumps

Often many layers of moulding are used to create a unique and decorative baseboard design.