The interior design of a home comes through inspiration, desire and a whole lot of planning. At The Strait & Lamp Group’s Dublin Millwork facility, we carry an extensive supply of trims and mouldings — in specialty and standard profiles — that can help make a house a showcase home. Trim consists of baseboard, casing, crown moulding, chair rail and more. Often, the details — like interesting interior trim profiles — can transform what was an ordinary house into one with unique architectural interest.

Our experts at Dublin Millwork can assist customers with advice on selecting just the right trim. The Dublin Millwork selection center is a one-stop shop where builders and remodelers can take their customers to select from specialty and stock trim. We can even create a completely new, unique profile, or match an existing special profile for your home.

Finish it off

Casing, the moulding that runs along the edges of doors and windows, adds dimension and depth to a living space. The options to highlight windows, doors or other features are almost limitless. Dublin Millwork has hundreds of detailed profiles from which to choose. As a custom mill, the craftsmen there can also create a custom design to match a specific vision.

Baseboard goes hand in hand with casing. Baseboard runs along the bottom of walls and cabinets. It adds elegance and style to a room while also making a room appear larger. Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, base adds definition within the space.

Crown moulding — the trim that is used to provide a finished top edge for walls, columns and cabinets — can get very detailed depending on the design of a home. Dublin Millwork has a large supply of profiles. We can also custom design crown moulding to match a home’s interior or existing trim and help realize an owner’s vision.

Getting it Right

At The Strait & Lamp Group, we pride ourselves on having the ability to provide endless options for our customers. Our knowledgeable and dedicated sales team of interior trim experts at Dublin Millwork can help you navigate through the choices and provide valuable insight on customization, finishes, and materials. We are dedicated to your success and will go out of our way to make a project and design pop.

Contact us to find out more! Our focus is on customer service and making your dream design become a reality.