It’s easy to get cabin fever this time of year. The warm weather may have ended, but that doesn’t mean home improvement takes a break, too. In fact, winter provides a great opportunity to tackle that honey-do list of winter home projects that add value to a home and improve the living space.

If you’re looking to continue your home improvement this winter, consider adding interior trim or updating your interior doors for a truly exceptional look.

Add Character with Interior Trim

Interior trim is a great way to add character and design to a home. From baseboards, door casings, crown mouldings or stops, the options are endless. One doesn’t have to go overboard with interior trim to make an impression. In fact, too much can overpower a room and take away from other interior elements. It’s best to choose a single architectural style and make small, consistent updates throughout the home.

When it comes to completing an interior trim project, homeowners shouldn’t have to compromise design because of a lack of choice. At The Strait & Lamp Group, we aim to provide our customers with the very best, which is why we offer trim and mouldings — both custom and standard — in a large variety of shapes, sizes and profiles to fit your exact need.

Create a Unique Look with Interior Doors

Homeowners looking to add charm and create an aesthetic appeal to the inside of a home should consider updating their interior doors. Whatever the style of door — single or double, bifold or pocket door — there are hundreds of designs available to create a truly unique look.

Homeowners can add beauty and meaning to every detail of their home’s interior doors. Use different color tones and grain patterns for added character or choose doors with glass to add softness and a sense of openness — there’s an option available for every style you want to convey.

Complete Projects with Ease Using the Right Tools and Hardware

Before getting started on winter home projects, homeowners should make sure they have the appropriate tools and hardware. From hammers and nail guns to circular saws and cordless drills, there are a myriad of options available. Unsure where to begin? The Strait & Lamp Group is here to help. We have many brands of power tools and hand tools, and we even have special woodworking hardware and tools for those intricate, detailed projects.

With a wide range of materials and building solutions, CAD drawings, state-of-the-art technology and so much more, The Strait & Lamp Group can help you meet the exact specifications of your winter home projects. Contact us today to get started!

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