Spring is the perfect time to start on a new home project. From redoing your window sills to building a flower bed, there’s plenty to do, and cedar is the perfect lumber for the job. Cedar is well known for its scent, but there’s more to this wood than meets the nose. In fact, there are ample beneficial qualities to cedar beyond its fragrance that make it uniquely suited to home improvement projects. 

Benefits of cedar- Cedar is a special wood. It is known primarily for its distinct and striking aroma, color, and ability to repel insects. However, there are plenty of benefits to using cedar for home improvement that are not as well known. Cedar is a coniferous softwood and is similar in hardness to pine. It is extremely stable, resilient to warping, cracking, and rotting. It doesn’t swell or shrink with humidity and is naturally weather resistant. Cedar also has larger cell cavities than similar woods, giving it exceptional insulative qualities. These larger cells also make it naturally sound resistant. These characteristics make cedar uniquely suited to home improvement projects, furniture and more. 

Vegetable Gardens and Flower Beds-  If you’re looking to build a vegetable garden or flower bed in your backyard, cedar should be your first choice of lumber. Western red cedar is particularly rot and insect resistant and should hold up for years, even when in constant contact with moist soil. It naturally looks striking, but can also be stained to look even better. 

Fences- The same characteristics that make cedar a great choice for flower beds also apply to fences! Cedar is particularly dense for a softwood, meaning it’s stronger than a lot of similar woods and will last longer. Cedar also grows in wet climates, conditioning it to be uniquely weather-resistant. 

Shutters- Striking shutters are currently in vogue in housing design, and none more so than cedar. Cedar shutters are the perfect accent to improve your home’s curb appeal and raise its value. They look great naturally or with a finish, and can coordinate with other elements of your landscaping. Plus, cedar’s soundproofing is perfect for cutting out neighborhood noise. 

Cedar is the best choice for vegetable gardens, flower boxes, and other home improvements that will be exposed to the weather for years to come. At Strait & Lamp, we have all the varieties of lumber that you might need for your next big project, and the tools, fasteners, and hardware to get it done. From general home improvement projects, to complete remodels, we can help make your next big upgrade easy. Contact us today to learn more!