Molding is one of the most noticeable characteristics in any home. Baseboards help define the perimeter, doorway casings add personality to entrances, and crown molding near the ceiling adds personality to a room. Adding molding is an easy way to add distinguishing characteristics to an otherwise boring room. But where to start? At The Strait & Lamp Group, we can help. We offer a variety of custom moldings, trims, and more to upgrade your interior design. 

Crown Molding- Crown Molding is an architectural style that has only gotten better with age. Whether it’s bold or subtle, it helps add a level of sophistication to a room. Crown molding is the trim that lives just underneath the ceiling and extends down the wall. A timeless classic, the trim draws the eye upward, making the room feel bigger by calling attention to the height of the ceiling.  Larger, more substantial crown molding can even help distinguish a room’s proportions. By emphasizing the ceiling and perimeter, it makes the entire room feel more complete. At The Strait & Lamp Group, our wide selection of crown molding ensures that you find the perfect trim to fit your room’s needs. 

Door Casings- A door is so much more than just an entryway. It’s a focal point of an entire room, an avenue through which countless friends and family will walk. Door casings are a way to highlight that. Door casings are the trims that surround a doorframe. Typically wrapping around into the next room, they add cohesion to overarching interior design by helping the eye transition from one room to another. It defines entranceways while protecting the wall from scratches, dents, and other blemishes. If you’re looking to update your interior design by adding or changing your door casings, we can help. The Strait & Lamp Group offers a variety of door casings to help define your doorways. 

Baseboards- Baseboards are the subtle addition to a room that makes all the difference. This perimeter trim helps to visually define the foundation of the room, and without them, the room feels incomplete. Coming up the wall anywhere from one inch to ten, they are the detail that you’ll miss most when they aren’t there. Even the most basic adds distinction and cohesion to a room. At The Strait & Lamp Group, we have the right baseboards for your home. Whether you want bold or subtle, our expertly crafted baseboards will fit your home’s needs. 

Finishing your trim- Once your new trim is installed, it’s important to finish it the right way. While many interior design trends suggest painting your trim a contrasting color to further highlight them, this often comes across as disjointed. Many designers suggest staining your trims in a natural color, to subtly draw attention to them. This detail lends the room a classic feel, highlighting the threshold without overstating it. In addition, consider sustainable wooden trim from The Strait & Lamp Group.

Whether you’re adding a new trim or updating an old one, The Strait & Lamp Group can help. Our wide selection of baseboards, crown molding door casing, and miscellaneous trim is the perfect way to upgrade your home’s interior design.