If you own or maintain a house, you know there are a number of home repairs and renovations that call for power tools. Hiring a professional every time can get a little pricey, and many homeowners choose to take on the smaller repairs and projects themselves.

But how do you know which tools are worth keeping in your tool box? Which tools are best for which projects? Selecting the best tools for a job is essential when aiming for quality and reliability.

We are here to help you with all of your tool and hardware needs, so we put together a quick list of the basic power tools you should own and what they are used for.

Finding the Right Tool

From hammers and nail guns to circular saws and drills, The Strait & Lamp Group carries a large variety of tools, and you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. We proudly carry a number of brands, including Milwaukee Tool.

When a simple hammer won’t do, it’s important to have a quality power drill. For a basic drill, we recommend Milwaukee Tool’s M18™ ½” Compact Brushless Drill/Driver. We like this wireless drill for its ability to drill through a number of surfaces and for its long motor and battery life.

Unless you want to spend hours manually smoothing down a piece of wood with different grades of sand paper, you need a power sander. For a simple sander that provides a fine, swirl-free finish, we recommend Milwaukee Tool’s 5” Random Orbit Palm Sander. This tool can be used on wood or plaster, which is great for patching walls.

Circular Saw
With a little practice, a circular saw can be very handy when you need to cut 2x dimensional lumber for a variety of home projects. We like Milwaukee Tool’s M12 FUEL™ 5-3/8” Circular Saw for its ability to cut a wide range of common materials and its durability.

Still have questions? Our expert team members will make sure you leave with the right tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively! As a Milwaukee Tools provider, we are proud of the product quality they offer and pleased to offer their products at our 5th Ave Lumber, Strait & Lamp Lumber and Linworth Lumber locations.

Contact us today to learn more about Milwaukee Tools or power tools in general.