5th Avenue Lumber is celebrating 100 years of providing central Ohio builders and homeowners with high-quality products. To mark this special anniversary, we are undergoing a large-scale expansion and remodel of our 5th Avenue location to accommodate our growing business.

Anniversary Expansion and Remodel

We are expanding our 5th Avenue Lumber site by adding two additional storage buildings and extending the rail line that runs onto our property. We are also adding 3 ½ acres of space to our lumber yard to reduce congestion and provide more efficient service to our customers.

5th Avenue Lumber serves as the hub of operations for our family of companies — Strait & Lamp Lumber, Linworth Lumber, Dublin Millwork, Lumbercraft and S&L Contracting. This expansion will help us continue to serve our customers efficiently with high-quality, affordable products.

How does this affect you, our customers?

The expansion and remodel will help us separate inbound and outbound trucking from will-call customers. Contractors will be able to pick up materials in the expanded yard, while will-call customers can simply walk up to the counter.

An extended rail line will allow us to unload three rail cars at a time, whereas previously, we could only unload one. The additional storage areas also will provide more space for us to store lumber, which will enable us to purchase more lumber when the costs are low. Ultimately, those cost savings will benefit you!

Future Plans

We are planning to expand and improve our showroom space in the future. The showroom remodel will allow us to expand and display our product categories. We will be able to put full walls of siding, trim, wall panels and decking that will showcase our products in a larger area.

Our expansion and future remodel will help us continue to serve our customers and will increase internal efficiency.

We have built a solid relationship with the central Ohio builders and remodeling community and look forward to continuing to provide the high-quality products and exceptional service customers have come to expect from us.

Thank you, central Ohio!

The Strait & Lamp Group and our family of companies would like to thank the builders and homeowners of central Ohio for your unwavering support. We look forward to continuing to provide quality solutions and exceptional service to the community for years to come. We are committed to offering affordable, custom products for all of your building needs.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your next project!