Spring is finally here! Which means it’s the perfect time to get outside and get your home ready for the warmer months. There are plenty of ways to prepare your house and property for the new season, and at The Strait & Lamp Group, we have everything you need. Whether you’re fixing up your home’s exterior or taking on a whole new project, we can help. Check out our top ways to update your home for spring!

  1. Replace your windows- There’s no better feeling than when you can finally open your windows after a long winter. Which makes spring the perfect time to replace your windows! New windows do more than just look good, they can lower your home energy costs, reduce noise and increase your home’s value. At The Strait & Lamp Group, we offer the best selection of home windows available.
  2. Update your aging deck– A deck is one of the best parts of spring. You can watch as the entire world blooms around you. But if your deck has been declining, you may be more worried about it falling apart. This year, it’s time for an upgrade! At The Strait & Lamp Group, we have all the materials you need to update, repair or rebuild your deck. Whether you’re interested in our high quality lumber or our resilient composite decking such as TimberTech or Fiberon,  we have everything you need.
  3. Renew your exterior trim– Exterior trim, siding, shutters and more make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. This spring, take the time to upgrade it! At The Strait & Lamp Group, we work with our clients and our suppliers to ensure we provide the perfect customized exterior trim. We offer products from leading manufacturers such as Boral, James Hardie and more, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. De-clutter with a new shed or shelves– Everyone’s garage gets cluttered at one point or another. From holiday decorations to bicycles, there’s often more stuff than there is space. This spring, take the time to reorganize! Shelves are a great way to add more storage space to your garage. And if you still don’t have enough room, consider building your own shed! At The Strait & Lamp Group, we have everything you need for projects big and small. From hammers and nails to circular saws and power drills, we offer the highest quality tools and hardware for the most ambitious DIY projects.
  5. Refresh your porch– Your front porch says a lot about your house. This spring give it a facelift! Porches go through a lot of wear and tear, so it’s always a good idea to replace aging parts when they become compromised. Consider upgrading the flooring with high quality lumber, or composite wood, or fixing worn posts and railings. At The Strait & Lamp Group, we have everything you need to give your porch a whole new look, such as new posts, columns or ceilings. 

At The Strait & Lamp Group, we work with you to ensure your home is everything you want it to be. From new windows and doors, to updated trim and shutters, we can help you make your home look and feel new. Our companies lead the industry in innovation and service, and our experts ensure everything is made to the highest standards and is of the utmost quality. Whether you’re an entrepreneuring DIYer, or an experienced contractor, The Strait & Lamp Group is here to provide the best service and experience possible.