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Dublin MillworkSituated at the corner of Route 40 and 37, Strait & Lamp Lumber has been serving the builders and homeowners of central Ohio for over 60 years.  People have learned that our full service lumberyard is a place where they can get friendly, personable, and expert service for all their building needs.  Our customers’ needs are our number one priority. It is one of our missions to provide our customers with exceptional service that exceeds the normal standard for quality in our industry.

Our facility is one of the largest independent lumber yards in central Ohio. We have the capacity to stock a wide range of building materials such as framing, exterior trim, engineered wood, LVL beams, interior trim, decking, and more. We also have a full custom mill to provide you with your individual building needs.

Strait & Lamp Lumber now offers winter rock salt to melt ice on sidewalks, driveways, roads and parking lots. We carry the following salt products:

Mega Melt® Halite Crystals Rock Salt

  • Quickly melts ice and snow to +5 °F
  • Commercial Strength
  • Easy flow and spread application

Mega Melt® Pro Slicer®

  • Quickly melts ice and snow to -20 °F
  • Fewer applications needed
  • Maintains a residual melting effect

Our customers come to The Strait & Lamp Group for one main reason, the service. Knowledgeable, experience and caring employees make their customers feel like they are part of a family. We, at The Strait & Lamp Group, push for the highest in customer and employee relationships, and that is one of the reasons we feel our customers keep coming back.

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